Giva's Dashboard-Actionable Information

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Drag & Drop Charts, Metrics & Analytics Widgets

Some of the chief concerns we hear from people just like you is your frustration with obtaining constant visibility to critical issues. Sound familiar? Giva's customisable Home Page Dashboard provides constant visibility to hot spots and highlights critical issues with charts, metrics and analytics.

Charts, Metrics & Analytics Widgets Dashboard

Create your own personal Home page Dashboard with widgets that provide actionable information to help you to increase customer satisfaction and easily monitor key metrics.

Drag & Drop Charts, Metrics & Analytics Widgets

Widgets can be arranged with drag and drop ease and placed in the order that makes sense to you. From the Vice President to an Agent, anybody can quickly create a Home Page Dashboard that highlights information relevant to their responsibilities and goals.

Library of Widgets

Choose from Giva's extensive library of charts, metrics, and analytics widgets to create your own personal Home Page Dashboard.