Navigating the Change Enablement Homepage in Giva's Platform

Giva is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Every screen has the following 8 main navigation elements:
  1. Dashboard – Return to the home page with one click, anywhere in the application.
  2. Knowledge – Run favourite knowledge reports and search the optional but highly recommended Knowledge Base.
  3. Assets – Run IT asset management reports, manage all standard and custom IT assets, save favourite reports for quick access.
  4. Change – Create, save and run favourite change reports and search for new, closed and pending RFCs waiting approval.
  5. Reports – Access favourite, shared, saved or all RFC reports.
  6. Add New "+" Button – Create new RFCs, knowledge articles or enter in new assets.
  7. Alerts – Set up notification preferences.
  8. Login Name – Access your account, update your profile, change password, get help (open support requests and access documentation), keyboard shortcuts, and logout.
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Giva's cloud-based solutions are HIPAA compliant, ITIL aligned and SOX compliant. Review Giva's compliance documents.
Change Management Main Navigation
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