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Athens Regional Health System Selects Giva HIPAA-Compliant Help Desk Software

Giva Press Release - May 31, 2016

Athens Regional Health System chooses Giva's cloud-based HIPAA-compliant help desk software software, resulting in an increase to 90% achievement in meeting service level agreements; and a 70% reduction in generating reports and administration, eliminating 35 hours/month.

HIPAA-Compliant Help Desk Software Dashboard
HIPAA-Compliant Help Desk Software Dashboard

Sunnyvale, CA May 31, 2016 - In looking to replace a home-grown application, Athens Regional Health System required a help desk software solution that allowed for tracking service level agreements (SLA), lowered support costs by decreasing the number of phone calls and emails that the received each day, and increased customer satisfaction by providing a better user experience. They also were interested in a cloud solution to reduce upfront and ongoing administration costs; was easy to implement, customize, and had the flexibility to meet their requirements; and met their needs for protecting PHI, and remaining in HIPAA compliance, with a vendor that would sign their Business Associates Agreement.

It had become difficult to find skilled technical resources for their previous proprietary application. There were parts of it that were always a work in progress, and it was challenging to maintain its development as their organization grew. The reporting was very limited and executed with SQL queries so the IT team could not slice and dice the data without technical assistance. There was no email-to-ticket conversion and limited self-service capability, which were significant frustrations.

After much due-diligence, they decided to implement Giva's Service Management Suite™.

"We compared Giva to the following vendors: ServiceNow™ IT Service Management, Cherwell Service Management™, SysAid ITSM™, Solarwinds Web Help Desk®, Autotask™ IT Business Management, and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus™.," said Louis Duhé, , Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Athens Regional Health System. "After our rigorous analysis and numerous product trials, we confidently chose the Giva Service Management Suite since it best met our requirements. [Click to download the case study.]

"Giva's HIPAA compliant cloud IT help desk application has been an important foundation to our new strategy in IT, and has helped us achieve a 90% Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.," said Louis Duhé, , Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Athens Regional Health System.

"Giva has helped us achieve a 90% Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance which has directly helped us increase customer satisfaction. Giva has excellent workflow capability which is easy to customize and it helps us to be more disciplined. Based upon the Giva reports and metrics, better process/ workflow, and our new knowledgebase, certain IT department personnel have significantly increased their productivity.

"Since Giva is very intuitive to use, we have been able to leverage our hospital call center team (non technical personnel) as the level 1 IT help desk support team. This 24 x 7 call center team answers approximately 2.7 million calls per year. The ability to have standardized questions related to the call category automatically appear on the screen is helping us capture 60% more information in the initial phone call. Obtaining more accurate information from callers and proper ticket routing to appropriate teams has allowed us to decrease email and phone call follow-up by approximately 35%.

"With Giva, we have reduced the amount of time we spend working on generating reports and metrics by 70%. We eliminated 35 hours per month of work from general system maintenance and report generation. Today, we only spend approximately 1.5 hours a week on generating reports. We can create and save reports and automatically run them on a scheduled basis to distribution lists. It is also very easy to create and save unique versions of each report and share them so if one person discovers an insight they can quickly share it.

"We made the right decision in selecting Giva and are very happy with them. We are very pleased to recommend Giva to our hospital and healthcare colleagues."

About Giva:

Founded in 1999, Giva was among the first to provide a suite of help desk and customer service/call center applications architected for the cloud. Now, with hundreds of customer driven releases, the Giva Service Management™ Suite delivers an intuitive, easy-to-use design that can be deployed in just days and requires only one hour of training. Giva's robust, fast and painless reporting/analytics/KPIs quickly measure team productivity, responsiveness and customer satisfaction resulting in faster and higher quality decision-making. Customization and configuration are all point and click with no programming or consultants required to deliver a substantially lower total cost of ownership. Giva is a private company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California serving delighted customers worldwide.

PR contact:

Phone: 408.260.9000



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  • 50% reduction in time to deploy Giva's change, incident, problem, asset management and knowledgebase modules
  • 60% reduction in the 5 year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Saved at least 1 FTE due to lower ongoing administration
  • Saved 1 week per month due to easy to use reports
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  • 80% increase in productivity by using Giva's dashboards and reports
  • 60% increase in meeting service level agreements
  • 50% increase in productivity by using Giva's integrated custom forms
  • 45% increase in the number of the calls logged due to Giva's intuitiveness and ease of use