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This 25 Question Assessment Excel spreadsheet provides a simple and quick method for gauging the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk
This Service Desk/Help Desk Assessment Excel tool has 5 sections:
  • Processes & Best Practises-How well defined and documented are the Service Desk/Help Desk processes?
  • Organisational Integration-Is the Service Desk/Help Desk a valuable contributor to organisation success?
  • Technology Optimisation-How mature are technology solutions?
  • Staff Development-What is the professional level and commitment of the Service Desk/Help Desk staff?
  • Information Management-How well does the Service Desk/Help Desk utilise metrics for customer satisfaction, call reduction, root cause and self-improvement?
To determine the maturity level of your Service Desk/Help Desk, compare your score with the information found on the Maturity Index tab. The Maturity Index is scaled from a high of "Actualised" which operates in a fully proactive mode with clearly documented processes and full integration with the rest of the organisation, to a low of "Nonexistent."
Service Desk Assessment Level of Impact Graph
Service Desk Assessment Level of Impact Table

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