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Asset Management Software

Giva eAssetManager & eSoftwareManager
Today, business moves at an unimaginable pace. Mobile employees and their technology tools travel the globe in a flash. Hardware and software rapidly change. Threats to your IT infrastructure abound. In this environment, the challenge of tracking and managing your IT assets is daunting.
Giva eAssetManager™ and Giva eSoftwareManager™ are asset management software solutions that help you track hardware and software history, license status, and ownership, providing complete IT asset management. With a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB), they deliver an intelligent data repository for all hardware and software assets and allow you to track and view the inter-relationships between incidents, problems, and these assets.
Together, Giva eAssetManager and Giva eSoftwareManager work as a complement to Giva eHelpDesk to help you manage your IT assets and provide excellent service to your users.
Giva is HIPAA Compliant!
Giva makes HIPAA compliance very easy for our customers since the data centre, hardware and software infrastructure of Giva's cloud help desk software meet the very strict HIPAA compliance regulations. Giva uses HIPAA-compliant data encryption to ensure that all PHI data in hospital and healthcare electronic health and medical records is secure.
Giva's HIPAA-compliant security approach uses a comprehensive, multi-tiered security strategy to protect PHI in electronic health and medical records combined with a multi-tenant infrastructure to manage costs for our customers. A security-first approach means that a regular assessment of application vulnerabilities is a key part of providing the highest levels of data security for PHI from electronic health and medical records. Proper log management is utilised for anomaly detection and forensic analysis.


  • Customizable fields, screen, and options to meet the unique requirements of your organisation
  • Standard templates to help you quickly get started
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to provide accurate, automated, and an up-to-date centralised repository
  • Descriptions of all of the IT assets and configurations in your organisation
  • Tracking of all interrelationships between assets, incidents, and problems
  • Change history to automatically track all software and hardware adds and removes
  • Software license compliance reports to track the number of licenses installed and available
  • Complete asset information available in one click
  • Quick views display all assets assigned to an employee
  • Ability to re-assign and loan assets to employees, while maintaining change histories
  • 12 pre-defined, customisable reports to more strategically manage company assets for a high ROI
  • Seamless integration with self-service Web portal
  • Seamless integration with Giva eHelpDesk™ and Giva eChangeManager™
  • ITIL-compliant


  • Increase first call resolution by faster diagnosis of hardware and software problems
  • Reduce average call length by using a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to track all asset lifecycle events
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by speeding problem resolution
  • Improve purchasing decisions and corporate asset acquisition policy from data analysis reports on problem hardware and software
  • Reduce costs by closely monitoring software licenses for re-use
  • Decrease risk of costly software license compliance audits by closely monitoring software license usage
  • Protect company assets by documenting assets assigned and loaned to employees
  • Increase efficiency and lower cost of corporate upgrades by providing easy-to-use hardware and software reports
  • Speed business decisions by delivering accurate, real-time reports
  • Minimise resources required to manage leased assets and more effectively plan for transitions
  • Helps ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and reduces business risk by providing complete audit trails

Maximise the ROI of Assets

  • Faster diagnosis of hardware and software problems
  • Data to make strategic purchasing decisions
  • Project management capability to scope and plan corporate upgrades
  • Ability to manage leased assets more effectively and plan for transitions
  • Powerful tools for data mining of asset information
  • Helps streamline physical inventory
  • Helps eliminate unnecessary work
  • Protect company assets with owner, assignee and loaner reports

Ensure Software License Compliance

  • Reduce costs by efficiently managing your software assets
  • Avoid costly license compliance audits
  • Plan corporate upgrades
  • Data mining of software information
  • Streamline physical audits