Ten Ways IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) Can Improve Information Security

10 Ways IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Improves Information Security
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Organisation and structure
Audits and reports
There are a number of important ways that ITIL can improve how organisations implement and manage information security.
  1. ITIL keeps information security service and business focused.
  2. ITIL can enable organisations to develop and implement information security in a structured, clear way based on best practises.
  3. With its requirement for continuous review, ITIL can help ensure that information security measures maintain their effectiveness as requirements, environments and threats change.
  4. ITIL establishes documented processes and standards (such as SLAs and OLAs) that can be audited and monitored.
  5. ITIL provides a foundation upon which information security can build. It requires a number of best practises - such as Change Management, Configuration Management and Incident Management - that can significantly improve information security.
  6. ITIL enables information security staff to discuss information security in terms other groups can understand and appreciate.
  7. The organised ITIL framework prevents the rushed, disorganised implementation of information security measures.
  8. The reporting required by ITIL keeps an organisation's management well informed about the effectiveness of their organisation's information security measures.
  9. ITIL defines roles and responsibilities for information security.
  10. ITIL establishes a common language for discussing information security.

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